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How to differentiate between cute high heels and plain old boring high heels

Shopping for shoes is quite easy, after all, how different could one pair of heels be from another. Right? Wrong! Absolutely wrong! If you thought the assertion given above has the least shred of truth to it, you are in for a surprise. Shoes can make or break a man (also a woman). Many psychologists have independently ascertained that the shoes are the first thing noticed about a person. Now we understand that logically it may seem a little difficult to picture why the footwear forms the first impression of a person, but it is true nonetheless.18 cute high heels inspirations to complete your girly style rvriqms

Given this fact, what you must remember is the kind of heels you wear say a lot about your personality. Messy, dirty or ugly heels will only get you scathing looks and a general aura of disdain that does not benefit either party in any engagement, professional or personal.cute high heels shoes: shorts black high heels black cute black suede high heels ankle cmbxnvu

People also do not take shabbily dressed candidates seriously, be it applying for an internship at the biggest MNC around or vying for the affections of the college athlete. Knowing how to differentiate between cute high heels and a regular pair of heels is a skill each girl must know and perfect.cute high heels lin king wedges heel women pumps ankle strap pom pom cosplay party shoes qsdctrg

So let us get right to it. Cute high heels definitely have to synchronize with your outfit and help it reach another level. So take out all those dresses you plan to wear with your new heels and match them accordingly. It is a misconception that the size of the heels is a large determinant of how cute they are. This is not true at all. You can have heels that are barely 3 inches off the ground but still look regal because of their design. What matters the most is the posture it gives your body and the comfort of the heels.